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Russia has fired “multiple”According to the U.S. top commander in Europe, hypersonic weapons were fired at targets in Ukraine by hypersonic rockets on Tuesday. This clarification came in light of conflicting claims and reports. The Russian ministry of defense claimed on March 19 that it had launched a Kinzhal (or Dagger) missile to strike a Ukrainian ammunition depot about 100 km from the Romanian border. This was the first known combat use of hypersonic missiles, according to conflicting reports and claims. But the ministry’s purported video footage of the launch didn’t even show the correct date, leading to confusion about what had actually happened.Ten days later, U.S. Air Force Gen. Tod Wolters told lawmakers that the Russian military has, in fact, launched hypersonic weapons into Ukraine.“There have been multiple launches. Most of them have been directed at military targets,”Based on preliminary intelligence assessments, Wolters, the head of U.S. European Command, informed the Senate Armed Services Committee.

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Hypersonic missiles are designed to thwart the world’s most sophisticated air defenses, so it’s unclear why Russia is using them against the Ukrainian military, which doesn’t have the sort of defenses that would merit the use of an …


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