Russian and Ukrainian Sign Grain Agreement

Russia and Ukraine have signed separate agreements with Turkey, the United Nations and Turkey to end a wartime standoff that threatened food supply safety all around the world. These agreements provide a path for millions of tonnes of Ukrainian grain that is desperately needed, as well fertilizer and grain from Russia. They also end the conflict.

Separate agreements were signed by the Russian Minister for Defense Sergei Shoigu, and the Ukrainian Minister for Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubakov with Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of United Nations and Hulusi Akar, Defense Minister of Turkey. Turkey’s President Recep Takyip Erdogan was present at this ceremony in Istanbul.

Guterres stated that there was a “today” lighthouse at the Black Sea. Guterres described it as “a lighthouse of hope, an indicator of future possibilities, and a beacon for relief in a world where it is needed more than ever before.”

He spoke to the Russian-Ukrainian delegates and said that they had overcome obstacles and set aside differences to make way for an effort that would serve all the interests. He was referring the fact that they had collaborated to find a solution.

22 million tonnes of grain and other agricultural goods have been left behind by fighting at ports along Black Sea. This pact will allow Ukraine to export these goods.

A proposal by the United Nations to allow Russia to export its grains and fertilizers was accepted by both military delegates from Ukraine. Mykhailo Pogolyak, an adviser to the President of Ukraine, stated Friday that Russia and Ukraine would sign separate agreements and that Ukraine had not signed any contracts.

Guterres says the initiative, known as the “Black Sea Initiative”, will open the door to significant quantities of commercial food exports out of three key ports on the Black Sea, Odessa (Chernomorsk) and Yuzhny (“Black Sea Initiative”).

It would state that it would “provide relief to developing countries on their brinks of bankruptcy and the most vulnerable persons on the edge of hunger.”

The official statement “The addition Guterres” stated that it would “stabilize world food prices, already at record levels before the war – which was a terrible nightmare to developing countries.”

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Russia’s invasion in Ukraine and naval blockade at the country’s ports have resulted in the blockade and blocking of shipshipments of sunflower oil, wheat, and corn. Ukraine is the world’s largest exporter of these commodities. Despite the fact that grain can be moved across Europe by rail, road, and water, the price for essential commodities like wheat has risen significantly over the course the almost five-month-long conflict.

The agreement contains provisions that ensure safe navigation. Officials from Turkey, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine will oversee and coordinate the procedure through the establishment in Istanbul of a control centre. Inspections would be made on ships to ensure they aren’t transporting arms.

Podolyak insisted that no Russian ships would be escorted to Ukraine and that no Russian representatives would be present at Ukrainian ports. He indicated that Ukraine was also ready to launch a quick military response in the event of provocations.

Guterres raised the crucial need to return Ukraine’s grain and fertilizer, as well as Russia’s, back onto international markets in late April during his meetings in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was an issue that Guterres has been considering for some time.

In response to growing concerns that the war was threatening the food supply of many developing countries, he proposed a comprehensive solution. This could help alleviate the hunger of up to 181million people.

Both Russia and Ukraine officials have pointed fingers at each other for the stalled grain shipment. Moscow accuses Ukraine of failing to remove naval mines from the ports in order to ensure safe transport. It insists on its right to inspect arriving ships for weapons. After Moscow had accused Ukraine of failing to remove the mines, this is what happened. According to the Ukrainian government’s assertions, Russia’s blockade and missile launch from the Black Sea made it impossible to supply any supplies.

Ukraine asked the international community to assure it that the Russian government would not use safe corridors in order to launch an attack against Odessa (a strategically important port located on the Black Sea). The Ukrainian authorities accuse Russia of stealing grain from Ukraine and intentionally shelling Ukrainian farms in order to set them aflame.

Ned Price, a Washington spokesperson for the State Department, said that the United States of America is happy with the agreement in principle.

“But, at the moment we are concentrating our efforts on keeping Russia responsible for fulfilling the terms and opening doors for Ukrainian grain for sale on global markets. The blockade Russia has imposed on Ukraine for too long, Price stated.


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