Psychology of Chart Patterns: How to Buy Stocks

Savvy investors not only know how to spot the most profitable chart patterns that launch big price runs, but they’re also keenly aware of the psychology behind them. That’s helpful in understanding how and why virtually all major stock moves begin after a new chart pattern forms.

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It is a crucial first step in building wealth. But where can you start? How do I buy stocks? How do you know when it is time to sell stocks? How important is it to understand how stock charts work? All of these questions will be answered in our How to Invest series.

How to start investing in stocks

It is important to understand the basics of stock investing before you begin to invest in stocks. Investor’s Business Daily offers a tried-and-true strategy for investing known as the CAN SLIM Investing Strategy.

Based on our unique study of every market period since 1880s, the CAN SLIM method identifies seven common traits that make up winning stocks. The videos below will demonstrate how you can apply different aspects of the CAN SLIM strategy.


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