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How To Get Paid More For Consulting & Freelance Jobs

One of one of the greatest challenges with working consulting and freelance is getting paid what you're worth. The root of the issue isn't it's not that the consumer is not willing to pay you what you're worth and that the consumer doesn't have the cash. The root of...

3 Professional Digital Marketing Tips For 2017

Phrases such as “ buy two and get one free”, “free vacation for purchases over $1,000,"  are often used get people's attention online. If you are beginning to freelance,  your site or startup you typically don’t possess a huge bucket of cash to throw at marketing....

Consultant and Freelance Job Opportunities for 2017

Gone are the days when a full-time and permanent occupation was the only method support the day-to-day expenses and to earn money. Get a job that is long-term, and you’ll end up procured and well-supplied for the rest of your lifetime. Today, job seekers are faced...

How To Start Freelance Writing

There are so a lot of matters you can do off first. Which is the appropriate one? Often, a year or two after, I’ll get that very same writer popping up using precisely the same question. “Gee, if only I really could find out the one finest, most rapid, low cost...

4 Free Marketing Tools For Businesses

The only thing better than getting your hands on a great marketing tool is when you get one that’s completely free. The following is a list of 4 small business marketing tools that are completely free.   Portent’s Content Idea Generator Have you ever found...


America is becoming a more “project based economy.”  Despite that, there is not a central resource to list services and get support for their businesses.

That is where comes in to help.   Our goal is to help and empower consultants by providing a directory and other resources to grow their business.

We are different. is built by and run by experienced and successful consultants.   We understand the stresses of dealing with clients and managing projects.

Whether you are seasoned pro or just starting, we believe you will find ConsultantHub useful.  You can access a range of professional services, training events, one to one coaching and training, mentors, and free online resources to help them further their consulting/freelance businesses.