INCONIQ Growth Leads $60M Funding Round for Pontera

As an investor, it’s hard not to take notice when a company earns significant fresh capital, and Pontera grabbed the spotlight this week. **Pontera**, well-known in the digital investment arena for its secure tools in accounting for ‘held away’ assets in 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and HSAs, recently announced an impressive **$60 million capital raise**. This latest feather in Pontera’s cap has perhaps drawn even more attention due to the potential excitement that comes with a new major stakeholder, **ICONIQ Growth**.

But let’s dive a little deeper into this week’s big news and analyze what impact it could have on investors.

## Pontera’s Influx of Capital
Before we can truly understand the context and significance of Pontera’s recent capital raise, we need to take a brief look back. Previous investors in Pontera include heavyweight names in the investment world such as Blumberg Capital, Collaborative Fund, Hanaco Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and The Founders Kitchen. These titans have all continued to show their support, joining with ICONIQ Growth in the latest round of funding.

This additional capital brings Pontera’s total raised to date to a cool $160 million. For comparison purposes, the company announced in February 2022—when it was still known as FeeX—that it had secured $80 million led by Lightspeed Ventures. In simple terms, Pontera has managed to achieve a **doubling of its total funds raised in less than a year**. Not only does this highlight the company’s swift growth, but it also outlines an increasing appetite among investors for what Pontera is offering.

## The New Player: ICONIQ Growth
The latest funding round is led by ICONIQ Growth, a venture capital offshoot of the well-known ICONiQ Capital. To give you a sense of ICONIQ’s standing in the venture world, consider that its clientele includes names like Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook (now Meta), Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, among other tech moguls. With such a roster, it’s perhaps understandable why Pontera’s recent capital influx might generate even more investor interest than previously.

## Unique Value Proposition
So, why exactly are investors flocking to back Pontera? A huge part of the answer lies with the thousands of financial advisors that are using the firm’s platform for securely managing their clients’ retirement plan assets. Traditionally, access to these accounts was a tricky affair, typically forcing advisors to use their clients’ personal login credentials. This was a clumsy, less-than-secure means of accessing otherwise inaccessible ‘held away’ assets.

Pontera’s platform solves this problem. With the client’s permission, advisors can analyze, manage, and rebalance their retirement and other ‘held away’ accounts — all without retaining client login credentials. Furthermore, Pontera has made its platform even more practical by integrating it with some of the largest portfolio management and reporting platforms around, including Addepar, Advyzon, Envestnet | Tamarac, GeoWealth, and Orion, and SS&C’s Black Diamond Wealth Platform, APX, Axys, and Geneva, among others.

## What’s Next for Pontera
The road ahead seems bright for Pontera. Its growth has been swift, driven largely by an actionable solution to a long-standing problem. This has resulted in notable adoption, with the platform capturing clients ranging from Benjamin Edwards, Carson Group, CoastalOne, Dynamic Advisor Solutions, Dynasty Financial Partners, OneDigital, Priority Financial Group, SageView Advisory Group, Savant Wealth, to Wealthspire and others.

As Pontera continues to evolve from its FeeX origins and grow its enterprise offering, one can’t help but look ahead with anticipation and interest. If the company continues along the trajectory it’s currently on, it’s reasonable to expect even more success. For existing investors, this latest capital influx offers added validation that they’re backing a winner. For potential investors, Pontera is a dynamic player in the FinTech space that is well worth paying attention to.

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