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The Origin Protocol price rebound has been strong but it has come up against a barrier over the past few days. OGN is currently trading at $0.6900. This price has been there for the past two days. This price is approximately 207% higher than its lowest point this year. OGN is one of the best-performing digital coins. The total value of all its tokens has increased to $478 million.

NFT, DeFi & OUSD Airdrop

After the slowdown of transactions in the first three months of this year, non-fungible tokens (NFT), are getting their cash back. This resurgence is partly because of the activities of Yuga Lab’s Bored Ape Yacht Club and other products. Activity in the Defi sector has also increased, with the total value locked in all platforms reaching over $222 billion. Analysts believe that these industries will be the future.

The Origin Protocol aims to bring together these two industries, making it easier for investors and developers. Origin Dollar is its first product. This stablecoin allows users to earn a return on their investment. It has a market cap exceeding $142 million. The stablecoin is growing strongly. Origin Story, a platform that allows creators and sellers to sell their non-fungible tokens (NFT), is another product.

The Origin Protocol price has done well in advance of the OGN Hodlers airdrop. After the team proposes to launch an OUSD governance token that OGN holders could claim, this airdrop will occur. It will be the Origin Story value accrual token and include a veOGV mechanism to distribute economic and voting power to those who are committed to the protocol’s success.

Origin Protocol price prediction

OGN has seen a rise in price ahead of the airdrop. It gained support at $0.2852, which helped to propel it upwards. Additionally, it moved slightly above its 25-day moving average and the MACD slightly above the neutral.

It has been struggling to move below support and it is likely that it will continue rising in the days ahead. The next reference level that you should be watching is $1.0. This level is about half the current level. If the level falls below $0.40, it will invalidate this view.


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