German Leader Defends Russian Gas Purchases

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz defends Russia continues to purchase gas and other fossil fuels.

Scholz said that Russia’s imports from Russia of fossil materials were a significant challenge during his visit to Japan on Thursday.

Scholz stated that the government will eliminate all imports of Russian oil or coal this year. Scholz said that the same will happen for gas, but it will take longer.

Scholz was asked by Scholz if he was concerned Russia might not ship gas from Germany to the same extent it did last Wednesday for Poland, Bulgaria, Poland. Any interruption would have serious implications for the economy, he stated.

According to him, this is why no sanctions have yet been imposed against Russian energy supplies. He also said that the decision was taken in close collaboration “with our partners, who themselves energy exporters, and thus in an entirely different starting place as the United States.”

Scholz stated, “Whether or not Russia makes such decisions is up for one’s imagination. But it doesn’t make any sense.”



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