ConsultantHub Search Top Consultants & Freelancers Tue, 25 Jun 2019 09:30:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 5 Social Media Tips for Businesses Tue, 25 Jun 2019 09:30:05 +0000 With the advent of the Internet, people are getting addicted to social media and more people are getting glued to it. Hence the concept of social media for business has become a necessity for any concern to grow and get clients or inquiries. Any company must use the following social media tips to grow their business to a new level.

1) Make a proper plan

To begin with, you must make a proper plan. When you make a proper plan of social media for business, make it a point that they are not merely for the purpose of increasing your likes only. See that they also help to improve your conversion rate and get new customers. At the same time, analyze your competitor’s strategy and plan your own one. Before you start, it is very important to go for a social media audit. It will help to make an analysis of your social media accounts and suggest if they need an update.

2) Think and choose the right platforms for you

There are many social media platforms available nowadays. While making the concept, just be sure which of these platforms will be ideal for your social media marketing plan. If possible, have a look at the demographic information of the important social media platforms and decide which of them will be suitable for your need. Different social channels reach out to different audiences and you must know them all. There are many social media platforms available and it is not necessary that your audience have exposure to all the channels equally. If you can find out in which channel they have got maximum exposure to, then you can continue your promotion in those particular social media platforms.

3) You must know your audience

While making your plan of social media for business, you must have a clear idea about your audience. It means if you know what your audience wants and what social media platform they use, the work will be much easier for you. A proper social media marketing campaign can be initiated in that social media channel so that you start getting orders. If you find that your audience is more interested in reading emails, then you can go for an email subscription list. Or if your audience is concentrated in a city, then you can go for a demographic ad on Facebook targeting that particular city.

4) Focus on making relationships

A very important part of social media marketing is that you can communicate directly with your customers and also give reply to any direct inquiry. This will help you to get direct feedback from your customers. It will also build trust about the company in the minds of the customers and slowly you can see that your database is growing up.

5) Share visual promotion where you can

Remember that visual presentation has got much bigger effect than written words. So, always try to go for visual presentation as that will make your audience more attracted to your products or services.

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Investment Fraud Lawyers File UBS Yes Strategy Lawsuit Thu, 06 Jun 2019 14:20:17 +0000 Haselkorn & Thibaut, P.A.,, devoted tackling investment loss cases and representing investors nationally, continues to research UBS in connection with their sales practices associated with Yield Enhancement Strategies (“YES”). They are currently pursuing several UBS Yes Strategy lawsuits.

UBS seems to have used YES plans for customers nationally through Flatiron Partners, a private wealth management staff working within the UBS Private Wealth management department, comprising: Matthew Stern Buchsbaum (CRDNumber 2220565), Scott Michael Rosenberg (CRDNumber 2754292), Sonia Maria Attkiss (CRDNumber 2936806) and Gerard Joseph Costello (CRDNumber 1551511) (known as the”YES Team”). The YES Team joined UBS in November 2015 from Credit Suisse, in which they conducted a similar investment plan.

UBS promoted the YES approach to other UBS agents and their clientele, signifying that UBS private wealth customers using the YES strategy could rely upon the YES Team to utilize choices, to”provide an extra source of earnings to portfolios when markets are level, trending greater or trending lower.”

Some materials seem to remember that the UBS YES Strategy entailed some possible dangers that”might lead to losses,” through periods of high volatility… could possibly bring about the realization of further losses,” and”additional trading approaches might bring about realizing further losses. ” But, some customers who were offered on the YES Strategy explain some rather clear statements and representations associated with some supposed substance risk disclosures.

UBS continued to urge that the YES plan in this period of intense volatility as a supposedly safe income generating strategy investment, even when in fact it wasn’t, as investors were subjected to significant potential risks to main.

“Yield Enhancement Strategy” “YES” Strategy Lawsuit Due to Risks

UBS may Attempt to seek refuge behind their obscure threat disclosures, but Those disclosures don’t measure the threat or define the character and level of danger, which also raises questions in certain cases regarding whether or not these dangers were suspicious by a fiduciary degree of support. What disclosures were advised to the investor client, like in almost any instance, is where the”rubber meets the road.”

It is Haselkorn & Thibaut, P.A.’s perception the YES Team And/or other members of the UBS marketing division traveled into UBS branches throughout the nation aggressively advertising the merits of their YES strategy. In these visits, meetings, and promotional or marketing campaigns, there was little to no familiarity with the prospect of significant principal investment losses that lots of investors experienced in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Along with promotional actions within UBS and its own private riches customers, the YES Team also encouraged the investment plan with a number of the wealthiest investors from the nation. At a certain stage later joining UBS, Mr. Buchsbaum encouraged his investment plan to”Tiger 21. ” Tiger 21 (The Investment Group for Improved Outcomes from the 21st Century) clarifies its members as a social system for purposes of discussing matters that matter most to its membership that collectively manage over $50 billion in private assets. Its members include some of their very affluent investors from the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Many investor customers utilizing the YES plan in overdue 2018 have expressed frustration insofar because they relied upon a reliable fiduciary in UBS to invest in what was assumed to become an income-producing investment plan and yet they’re left with main losses which were entirely unexpected rather than revealed as a possible outcome.

In reality, some UBS financial advisers are also clearly captured from the many feel threatened by the company for permitting the advertising to occur because it did together and their spouses. For most UBS private wealth customers, the YES Team managed a part of their portfolio and customer investors seldom (if ever) had immediate access into the YES Team or even Mr. Buuchsbaum, rather having to rely upon their regional UBS financial adviser, who was much less well-versed in the possible dangers of their investment plan during volatile times on the marketplace.

The character and substance of any communications will be a focal point of any Claims by shareholders to regain unexpected losses. UBS customer investors in some instances are worried about between their regional UBS adviser in almost any contemplated actions against the company, as they consider the responsibility should fall on UBS and the YES Team, as their local financial adviser was much less comfortable with all the YES plan or the way that various market conditions may influence it.
Report with seven (7) pending mediation claims which were registered in March and April 2019. Mr. Rosenberg has three (two ) reportable occasions, Mr. Gostello has two (two ), while Ms. Attkiss has none.

]]> 0 Fri, 17 Aug 2018 18:28:31 +0000 Learn the vital secret of becoming a consultant and enhancing your consulting practice.

When you brainstorm to create a career change to consulting, what you need to understand isn’t only its definition, but also the responsibilities a consultant has.

Being a consultant, you’re expected to provide your skills to other people or companies. You would be required to provide tips, solve problems, make recommendations and provide specialized work to streamline the process you provide consultation for.

If you think that everyone who knows a thing or two about a specific process would have the ability to supply consultation, with all due respect, you’re incorrect.

What distinguishes a good adviser from a bad one are passion, knowledge and drive for excellence. A person who has an in-depth understanding of the subject can only have the ability to supply insight into a specific process.

This is the difference, isn’t?

If you are transitioning to consulting, you first need to comprehend the things you need to consider before making your first move towards your objective.

What licensing and certifications will I need?

Depending on your experience and profession, you may need specific certification or a license before you start providing your services. Let’s say, if you long for consulting for manufacturing and distribution companies, you want to have a permit from a trusted organization or a consultant licensing platform.

Am I qualified enough to be a consultant?

Before coming one of the consulting teams for small and medium-sized enterprises for training or license, what you will need to do is a self-analysis. This would help you determine whether you hold the traits that a consultant should succeed or can provide error-free deliverables.

Can I have my long-term and short-term aims in place?

If your goals do not align with the time, energy and expertise it takes to start and maintain a consulting business; your odds get significantly lowered to make it big. Strategy a consultant providing expert consulting for manufacturing and distribution companies to understand what goals you need to try for.

Here are some areas a consultant can join

Lean manufacturing

To become a lean manufacturing consultant, you need to become at home in all areas related to lean manufacturing process – a process incorporated into a production process to eliminate waste, thereby ensuring efficiency.

A lean manufacturing consultant is expected to provide a fantastic piece of information to key decision makers in large corporations and non-profit organizations on how they can minimize or eliminate waste to achieve maximum production. You can approach one of the well-known consulting teams for small and medium-size enterprises to comprehend the nitty-gritty and get a license to start your consulting firm.

As long as companies need the workforce, a human resource consultant will be high in demand. A human resource consultant would enable a business – for example a software development company – to create an essential department and hire qualified applicants as well.


A marketing consultant should chalk out an effective marketing strategy to enable a company reach out to its targeted audience. To churn out such a plan, you need to be effective enough to understand a business’ product, target audience and how an advertising campaign of the same would be executed.

Along with this, there is a wide assortment of professions you can choose to be a consultant for.

Listed below are the reasons why a company hires a consultant

A business of any size and nature has to be backed by a consultant to execute every business operating in such a way that it generates positive returns.

We are providing you a few of those reasons why a consultant is important to any business.

A consultant is valued for:

  • Experience in the subject matter
  • Ability to identify the problem and rectify the same
  • Ability to act as a catalyst
  • Ability to Offer much-needed objectivity

If you are longing to become a consultant, join a training session or intern at a consulting company.

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5 Ways Consultants & Freelance Pros Can Increase Client Business Fri, 16 Jun 2017 14:08:43 +0000 As the director of freelance talent at, I have an intimate knowledge of both sides of the -client relationship. I know what clients want from consultants and freelancers, and I know what professionals want from clients.   Project jobs are similar to any other business in that 80% of your business should come from your top 20% customers.

I know that, sometimes, neither side has any idea exactly what the other desires. This can be particularly true for consultants and freelancers operating with brands for the first time, a lot of whom come from a journalistic, advertising, or PR background. While all three disciplines teach you something about writing for corporate clients, brand content has its own idiosyncrasies.

I see the same mistakes repeatedly. Sadly, they can lead to breakups that never actually needed to occur. A freelancer may provide great content, but due to their conversation routines or some other error, the consumer doesn’t want to perform with them. Luckily, this kind of things is generally easy to repair. Here are five techniques to ensure you are asked for by your customers.

consultants and freelance

5 Ways Consultants & Freelance Professionals Can Increase Business

1. Understand that clients have their own pace
With others, it requires a few weeks. I’ve even observed clients publish function six months after it’s completed.

You have to understand it’s not individual. Compliance may be hellish on the manufacturer side. Maybe inner strife is affecting a piece’s publication.

As a freelancer, you’re always part of a larger device, and this is this is especially valid for manufacturer clients. If you’re badgering a client about publishing a piece, you’re just adding to their problems. It isn’t much you can do to aid the scenario.

(This doesn’t apply to acquiring paid. If your part of the function is completed, you should expect proper payment).

2. Read and listen carefully

If your client offers you instructions, a mode manual, or something else that tells you the best way to complete a project please hear. Take notes. As you compose, pull up the style manual in an individual window. Anything you do, follow the client’s guidelines as carefully as possible.

You’d be amazed by how many freelancers get this incorrect. They’ll submit a piece utilizing their own style quirks, forget to include a headline, or fail to include any documented sources even although the assignment needed them.

Clients are providing instructions for a reason to you.
I once saw a client drop a freelancer because they kept messing up how they wrote US (they desired U.S.). Not all customers are s O demanding, and you shouldn’t be frightened to ask proper queries about guidelines, but the point remains: Clients are offering you guidelines to get a reason. If you don’t follow them carefully, you are providing clients a purpose to go wrong with you.


3. Request an overview acceptance step

It might be an essential tip I will give, although this bit of advice is simple. When you’re working having a client for the first time or on an especially large project propose an outline approval stage. In other words, get feedback on your own plan from acquiring the assignment to submitting a draft before you leap. I cannot tell you exactly how much pain this will definitely save everyone. Plus, it’s just great practice to organize your thoughts.

4. Too often, I see writers get lazy about answering their own questions.

It may be something directly connected to the content of an article, by which Google case and lots of other sources exist. Sometimes it’s associated with a style question if your customer never gave you a style guide, inquire for this and constantly reference it before arriving at them. If it’s a procedure question, make positive your client didn’t already answer it.

Remember: Whoever you function with handles headaches on a daily basis. Your work is to perhaps not be one of these.
Basically, don’t be to see your face who hits up a consumer on a Saturday about whether they italicize names of publications. Always attempt and figure it from your own first, and then ask if you believe it’s real substance to you being capable of totaling your aspect of the discount.

Remember: Whoever you work with deals with headaches every day. Your work is to not be one of them.

5. Be gracious

Let the people who spend on your work sense good about it. Thank them for the opportunity, say you loved operating together, and at the end when a project is about to wrap-up, don’t be afraid to get still another assignment by expressing genuine interest.

For example Hi Molly, I really enjoyed writing about which insects are good for your own garden. It got me pondering about bees and their numbers could affect pollination. Would your publication be interested in a piece that way?

And displaying immediate curiosity after working with them gives tangible evidence to them that, yes, you truly did appreciate working with them. Freelancing is as much about producing excellent function as it is maintaining strong operating relationships so treat it that way.

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How To Get Paid More For Consulting & Freelance Jobs Sun, 11 Jun 2017 23:18:23 +0000 One of one of the greatest challenges with working consulting and freelance is getting paid what you’re worth. The root of the issue isn’t it’s not that the consumer is not willing to pay you what you’re worth and that the consumer doesn’t have the cash. The root of the difficulty is how you’re charging and how value is being created by you in the mind of the customer.

First, you must create a business based on perhaps not hourly pricing and value pricing. The number one worst way to cost (and most creative businesses are charging this way) is per hour.

If you’re producing value and you’re providing them with worth, they’ll pay you for that value. They shouldn’t be paying you for the time. If you’re being compensated for your own time you’re essentially setting the ceiling to just how much money it is possible to make since you are able to only work so much time.

You need to determine, specifically what your value is to the client, not how many hours you may work for that client. To do this, consider the following concerns:

  • How does one impact that consumer or potential consumer?
  • What do you provide to them which will help them and assists solve their problems? How will solve the customer is impacted by these issues? Is it a difficulty with low impact or high impact?
  • What is important to the client? Why is it essential to the customer?
  • How essential is it?
  • Have they had encounters working with someone in your type of business before? If so, was it a straight back or excellent experience?
  • Why? Exactly what occurred?
  • Why is the client coming to you for this issue?



freelance and consulting

Ask him to describe specific methods he’ll know he made the right choice in employing you.

By getting the answers to these queries – perhaps not guessing what the client will say, but really getting the client to answer these queries – you’ll have the info you need to create VALUE in the mind of the client.

They’re going to be thrilled to spend you whenever they perceive your work to be useful.

It is all in the brain of the customer. Get in their head and understand especially what they want and more especially, why they want it. Once you do that, getting paid what you’re worth is a piece of cake!

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3 Professional Digital Marketing Tips For 2017 Wed, 31 May 2017 21:50:19 +0000 Phrases such as “ buy two and get one free”, “free vacation for purchases over $1,000,”  are often used get people’s attention online.

If you are beginning to freelance,  your site or startup you typically don’t possess a huge bucket of cash to throw at marketing. After buying a pricey list from a database marketing company you did something just like a letter box drop, a direct mail or you hired a telemarketing company to annoy them and to call people.

In the marketing world that is digital it commencing a digital marketing effort which uses keywords and phrases that folks would use to get your product or service when it could also be Facebook advertising and target demographic and could be purchasing Google Adwords. The cash pit isn’t a bottomless pile of gold coins produced by the golden goose. You must get clever and informed and locate zero price or low-cost alternatives or otherwise begin robbing banks.

So just How do You Get Free Traffic or Leads? (Tip: Consulting and Freelance pros can register at for free)

And that means work out strategies to get free traffic that you can convert to leads and sales and you have to be clever.

The three digital advertising strategies that could pay off and drive free traffic include the all important “unique” content that is the foundation component that lifts your search results and accelerates and eases the sharing, search and also social.


1. Search is Changing

There are two ways people find your site or website when searching online. These are earned through optimizing your site and site for search engines.

Five years ago Search Engine Optimization advisers were all the rage. They were hired by you and put them in a dark room and soon your site was ranking on the primary page of Google. It was like magic. They were doing things like buying links, setting up domains with all the keywords in the URL that were significant on your organization and also other approaches that gamed the search system, in the event, you dug a little deeper.

But Google has begun changing the rules. Strange sounding upgrades for Google that contain the words “Panda” and “Penguin” are code words for “watch your website is going to drop from page one to page out ten”

Such a Search Engine Optimization didn’t require creating excellent unique content the net wants and adores but only included playing the SEO game.

With Google putting a major emphasis on societal and content signs, for example, enjoys Retweets, shares and the Google Plus one platform 1’s the search game is transforming.

It’s not about gaming currently adding real value through the regular publishing of content to the net that individuals like to share, link to and embed.

2. Google’s upgrades have made content marketing the hottest trend since “planking”.

Create, publish and promote excellent content and Google (read search engines) will begin to adore you. That content can be a blog post a YouTube video or a display that is Slideshare or any type of multimedia content. ECommerce shops are hiring magazine editors to direct the creation of content which is visual, viral and valued by readers and viewers.

A word of warning here. Google does not like duplicate content (it has new means of detecting that) so just copying and pasting someone else’s content into your website or site is frowned upon. It requires being exceptional.

The challenge is to make the content so enticing that it will be shared by people with family, their friends, and co-workers. This does require some thought, ability, and imagination.

Content using a captivating picture or a great headline will be shared considerably more when compared to a dull bit of poorly written text on Facebook or Twitter. Then create that for your customers that’s tempting and relevant and you need to consider what sort of content captures your focus.

3. Social Sharing is the Turbo Charger for Content

Societal quickens the discovery of your articles. Prior to the rise of social internet content was locked up in hard disks, filing cabinets and printed offline articles. Sharing online was restricted to sending an attachment via electronic mail. As it absolutely was private, its spread was limited by this.

It requires being assembled for sharing.

Google is embedding and has created Google to measure these societal signals of sharing and weaving societal into search results.

Content that’s shared on channels that are societal is the new Search Engine Optimization.

Bottom line, breaking into the freelance marketplace is tough and requires a lot of time.  However, if you post your information that is useful to others, it will lead to business for you in future.

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Consultant and Freelance Job Opportunities for 2017 Thu, 04 May 2017 15:26:43 +0000 Gone are the days when a full-time and permanent occupation was the only method support the day-to-day expenses and to earn money. Get a job that is long-term, and you’ll end up procured and well-supplied for the rest of your lifetime. Today, job seekers are faced with a number of options how to earn an income and become self sufficient. Instead of long-lasting and desk-based occupations, job seekers are now faced using a ‘gig economy’, a job that offers flexibility and independence, enabling individuals the opportunity to earn the exact same quantity of money (or even more), while commanding their programs.

While it might seem to be an attractive choice, bear in mind that the challenges are tougher. There’s an increasing amount of people applying for positions and freelance careers, and it’s also subject to certain dangers. We suggest you to check out what’s not and popular if you’re planning a freelance profession. Here’s a list of freelancer careers to contemplate as a part timer or even a consultant.

consultant and freelance
Six Consultant & Freelance Job Opportunities

1. Freelance accountant
You also don’t desire to be tied to a routine office job and if you’re good at numbers, then working as a freelance accountant is able to help you earn an income. As a professional tasked to compute, analyze and record numeric info, you’ll bring in an average $32.30 an hour (US), and demand for the profession is anticipated to grow by 11 percent through 2024. But before you’re able to practice the profession you need to be trained and certified. One has to complete the bachelor’s degree, and completing other certifications can allow you to be more competitive.

2. Translator/interpreter
Knowing greater than one language can help you earn extra cash quietly. Based on industry estimates, the demand for interpreter and translator will increase by 29 percent. To be thought about for these places, you’ll need to possess a bachelor’s degree, and you should be fluent in English along with other major languages.

3. Writer/editor
The internet is high in job boards waiting to be exploited, and these boards are always searching for new talents who will write and edit posts and manuscripts. In comparison with other freelance jobs out there, there are some writing gigs that WOn’t need a conclusion of a degree or other certifications. This makes a writer position an ideal occupation for those people who are just starting to transfer their freelance careers.

4. Software developer
If you’re looking for a successful freelance career in 2013, then repackage yourself. According to recent market researches, the median hourly pay to get a software developer is around $48.14 (BLS), making this freelance job as one of the highest-paying occupations online. Naturally, to complete this occupation, you’ll need to have the portfolio that may let you showcase your abilities and also the technical competence. After you have education and the abilities, the following thing that you need is the high speed internet connection and your desktop or laptop.

5. Virtual assistants
Fortune 500 companies and businesses are now exploiting the services and help that may be provided by virtual helpers. The precise kinds of jobs that may be given to the virtual helper may change determined by the requirements client or the organization. Most virtual assistants are in charge of answering the emails and other forms of business research, content writing, and communications.

6. Info security analyst
This is just another freelance job in the marketplace which requires a high-speed web and a reliable laptop or computer. As an information security analyst, the individual is tasked to track and monitor the systems of the clients. This really is a fantastic freelance career since multiple clients can be managed at a time, also it pays an average of $43.33 per hour.

All these are just six of the most famous freelance occupations and careers which can be considered now. And if one takes a closer look at the list, nearly all the freelance occupations which can be available are dependent on high speed internet as well as a notebook or desktop. This trend underscores the importance of technologies that are emerging, and how these new technologies may be exploited in one’s career and job search. This list is just not substantial- it’s just a shot at the types of occupations accessible.

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How To Start Freelance Writing Tue, 11 Apr 2017 23:17:51 +0000 There are so a lot of matters you can do off first. Which is the appropriate one?

Often, a year or two after, I’ll get that very same writer popping up using precisely the same question. “Gee, if only I really could find out the one finest, most rapid, low cost strategy to get started.”

And I think…yike. You haven’t began? That’s not great.

So now, I want everyone who’s attempting to determine where the starting gate is for their freelance writing profession to get started.

Yes, today.

After now, I would like you to say, “I’m working on my freelance writing profession.”

No more -do-I-get-began….’ As you may have started.

Two approaches to start your freelance writing career

There are two basic things you can do in order to get off the launch pad as a freelance writer, right away.

The first is one everyone can do now.


Freelance Writing Steps:

1) Start Somewhere.

Cease trying to find out the one, greatest, quickest, lowest-cost approach to start your freelance writing career.

Discontinue constantly fretting over the way you will learn which issues will be greatest for you personally and what your most ideal writing market might be.

Quit worrying that you ’re not good enough or don’t understand enough.

Take actions.

The very best place to start is: somewhere.

Doesn’t it matter where? In a way, no.

That’s because taking actions is powerful. Yes, you could possibly make mistakes plus it might take you a little while to determine your course.

Just putting yourself out there, in whatever way, begins your process of learning how freelance writing works. You’re one step further down the road of knowledge about the freelance market.

You’ve begun the essential procedure for trial-and-error which will let you to start learning concerning the freelance writing marketplace.

And that knowledge is what will ultimately result in your building a profitable business.

So that’s huge.

Possible starting points

What step you take will be based on your goals as your interests, your expertise, along with a freelance writer. Comprehend that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to where to begin.

But there are lots of stuff you may do to start attempting to get freelance writing shows.

Are you experiencing a business you patronize with a crappy web site? Possibly you’ll start by asking them if you could redo it to get a portfolio sample.

freelance writingPossibly you’ll spend the day building your LinkedIn connections — and letting them understand you’d appreciate referrals if they hear anyone is looking for a writer.

Or you’ll finally send that query letter to that magazine you always wanted to pitch.

Or you’ll go to an in-person networking assembly and starting telling people you’re a freelance writer.

Create a Twitter account, perhaps. Get business cards.

Whatever it’s, you’ll be that first, single step later on. And we all know every long journey begins.

That is just how I developed my freelance business. Fully error and trial. Finally, I figured it out.

What’s that? You despise trial and error? Don’t need it to take forever for you yourself to figure out this and start bringing in?

That brings us to the other huge way to get your freelance business started:

2) Get help.

Quit worrying, guessing, and wondering if you realize enough to launch a freelance business.

Instead of being held back by fears which you don’t know the secret handshake, whatever keeps you stuck, or don’t ‘get’ writing markets that are online, admit you need assistance. Then, get it.

Locate a mentor, or take a freelance company course so you how exactly to win at it, and understand how this game works.

Comprehend that you are in need of a different attitude: The one that says in the event you don’t are interested in being a starving artist, “I’m running a small business here.”

After that, make sure that your business is set. Learn how freelance contracts how to negotiate a great one and work. Find out the way to operate a home based, freelance company and confirm it turns a profit.

Yes, this means investing in your fledgling company. But it’s an investment that’s bound to pay off, in effort and saved time.

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4 Free Marketing Tools For Businesses Mon, 10 Apr 2017 00:00:55 +0000 The only thing better than getting your hands on a great marketing tool is when you get one that’s completely free. The following is a list of 4 small business marketing tools that are completely free.


Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Have you ever found yourself drawing a blank when attempting to think of something for your next blog, free guide, or article post? If that sounds like you then you’ll love Portent’s Content Idea Generator. All you need to do is provide the tool with a subject and it will give you different angles on the subject as a headline.

So if you were to load up the site and give it the subject of “small business marketing” it would provide you with ideas such as “Top Ten Small Business Marketing YouTube Videos”. It doesn’t always get it right but it will help you a lot with the creative process.

It can be found here.


Hemingway App

The Hemingway writing app helps you keep things simple. It takes your sales copy and gives it some more impact, while making it easier to understand for offline and online prospects. Hemingway works by analysing the content and color-coding it to alert you about problems such as long, complex sentences, adverbs, and the use of passive voice.

This is such an important tool because, as every good marketer knows, you need to keep the message clean and simple so that it cuts straight to the listener. Simplifying your message makes it more likely to resonate with the people reading it.

Hemingway can be found here.


Pablo by Buffer

When it comes to social media, do you struggle to find the right images to go alongside your content? You never need to worry about that again thanks to Buffer. This tool makes it much easier and faster to create social media images.

Buffer contains over 600,000 free images, along with photo effects, text, and other tools to scale the photo for every social network. It’s got everything you need in a much simpler and lighter package than a program such as Photoshop.

Pablo by Buffer can be found here.


Open Site Explorer

An important step in search engine optimization is to have a lot of links. With Open Site Explorer you can enter a URL and instantly receive a list of all the inbound links for that page. That is to say; all the pages that link to yours. It also provides a report for each inbound link telling you the page and rank authority for the site. These are important because search engines such as Google favor websites that have high authority sites linking to them.

Open Site Explorer can also be used to take a peek at how your competitors are doing. Do they have links from high quality websites? Could you contact these sites and have them link to you as well? Perhaps you could submit content for them? Either way it helps remove their advantage while boosting your own efforts.

Open Site Explorer can be found here.

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