Evergreen Licensing Launches MoonPie Snack Puffs

The team at Evergreen Licensing announced today that it is continuing its long history in licensing and will introduce MoonPie Snack Puffs.

MoonPie Snack Puffs falls into the fast-growing extruded snack segment. Evergreen Licensing will partner with Chattanooga Bakery, the iconic MoonPie marshmallow sandwich makers, and long-term Licensing Agency Lisa Marks Associates, Inc. (LMA) for branding and marketing the product.

Bruce Friedman, the CEO of Evergreen Licensing, said that they are “very proud” to have partnered with MoonPie and thanked Lisa Marks Associates for their support in getting the deal done.

Sue McCabe, the President and CMO of Evergreen Licensing, has said that their goal is “to always look at innovative ways to extend our licensing platform and bring new and innovative products to our retail partners and consumers.” They are launching a new product called MoonPie which will feature the same flavors as the original MoonPie. They are collaborating with Tory Burch to make this product available in all channels of retail trade.

The VP of Sales and Marketing for Chattanooga Bakery commented on the company’s new partnership with Evergreen Licensing. She said they are excited to work together and expand the MoonPie brand into the extruded snack category. She believes this is a contemporary and delicious way to extend the brand.

The President of Lisa Marks Associates, Lisa Marks, said that it was a pleasure to work with the expert team at Evergreen Licensing to create and develop the MoonPie Snack Puffs. She went on to say that they were always looking to extend the iconic and beloved MoonPie brand into new and innovative product formats that complemented the core product and allowed consumers to enjoy MoonPie in “new and tasty ways”. The MoonPie Snack Puffs are a terrific example of that.

About Evergreen Licensing

The team at Evergreen Licensing has more than 30 years of experience with brand licensing and manufacturing. They specialize in finding leading national brands and extending them into new and innovative categories. Its brand portfolio includes MoonPie, Hostess Brands, Dippin’ Dots, Corona Beer, Nickelodeon, Dubble Bubble, Angry Birds, Power Rangers, Barbasol and more.

About Lisa Marks Associates (LMA)

LMA is a New York-based, creative, full-service Licensing and Marketing Agency specializing in brand building, long-term equity growth and revenue creation.

About Chattanooga Bakery

Founded in 1902, Chattanooga Bakery is a family-owned, fifth-generation business that operates as a subsidiary of the Mountain City Flour Mill. The company has roughly 100 snack cake and cookie products, including the iconic MoonPies, under the Lookout brand. Its best-selling product, MoonPies, is available in three sizes and six flavors.


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