Dr. Allen Creates Guinness World Record for Tallest 3-D Printed Structure of a Human

A sculpture of a human standing 19 feet and 10 inches (6.04 meters) tall became the tallest 3-D printed structure in the world earlier this month. It was created by Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen in Gardena, CA, and took 5 people 12 weeks to assemble. It has become a Guinness World Record and pushed to second place the earlier record holder which was a creation of 2017 vintage in the UK. Dr. Allen, thus, becomes the first American to hold this record. Understandably, it was an imposing sight for the people who attended its unveiling ceremony.

There was growing excitement in the team as the structure, assembled completely on-site, reached the finishing stages. They could perhaps sense that they were creating a bit of history through their efforts. It was inspected by officials of the certification body, Guinness World Records, whose adjudicator advised Dr. Allen in private of him being the new record holder of a 3-D sculpture of a human. Dr. Allen was hugged by his wife Connie and their children upon confirmation of the achievement.

A roar of cheers broke out when the achievement was announced by the adjudicator to the crowd of onlookers gathered at the unveiling. A resident of Los Angeles, Dr. Allen and the Saint Vinson Eugene Allen organization work with children around the world. The goal of this effort was to convey the message to children: “Dream big and you can be big. Let nothing stop you” through their actions. 

 The sculpture has been named “The Statue of Inspiration” based on the legacy of two decades of the unwavering commitment of Dr. Allen. Its final location is yet to be determined. Being placed in a community-based museum locally is a distinct possibility.

Who is Dr. Allen

The founder of Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care, which has facilities across Southern California, Dr. Allen has been providing nurses, physician assistants, and doctors who are culturally diverse, to patients seeking medical professionals of culture and language they are comfortable with. He is connected with a wide cross-section of people in different communities. He is seen as a brother by many and a son by the elderly.

In short, he is an inspirational figure for all who come in contact with him.


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