SilverQuest Consulting Group LLC

Donald's discernment and practical ability to apply strategic concepts have added great value and been very helpful to move our company to end results faster.

Jim Hudson, CEO
July Business Services

SilverQuest Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm that works with clients to achieve breakthrough, lasting results. We provide services to individuals, businesses of all sizes, non-profit organizations, and government agencies in the United States and around the world.





SilverQuest Consulting Group LLC is a Texas Limited Liability Company with headquarters in Georgetown, Texas, located in the greater Austin metropolitan area. The firm consists of its Chief Executive OfficerDonald McLachlan, and on certain projects, itsStrategic Alliance Partners.

Our unique approach to consulting is based on our approach to client relationships and engagements that together create the SilverQuest DifferenceSee the How We Work page for more information.

We are a process consulting firmThat means we focus on applying certain process skills to solve problems and improve performance for individuals and organizations. Some of those key process skills are: strategic planning, innovation, focus groups, training workshops, executive coaching, surveys, risk analysis, facilitation, benchmarking, Baldrige assessments, and process mapping. We apply these process skills to organizations to achieve exceptionalclient results.

Our areas of expertise include:

Our clients and colleagues provide the greatest endorsement for the value of our work. SeeTestimonials for specific comments.

At SilverQuest we seek to be Agents of Change for our clients and the community where we live. We believe in making a lasting contribution to individuals and organizations who are also seeking to make a difference. For more information, see community relations.