Organisational Efficiency Solutions Ltd

An executive agency of a major government department was faced with the need to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. As a result a decision was taken to introduce standard ways of working and a continuous improvement culture throughout the organisation.

We help organizations eliminate time-consuming activities that are preventing them from focusing on getting things right first time for customers.

We deliver seminars, hands-on workshops and major improvement programmes that will deliver improved profitability, increased thoughput of work and greater employee engagement.

What is Continuous Improvement-  the History 

OES methods incorporate the best aspects of well-known improvement methodologies, predominantly based on Lean.

  • The term Lean was coined in the 1990′s to describe the methods developed by the Toyota motor manufacturing company.  It has since evolved to become relevant to all types of business in both manufacturing and public and private sector service organisations.
  • Lean is based on common sense principles backed up by simple tools and activities. You don’t have to forget all the techniques you have learned and used in the past, but you can expect to learn some new ones.
  • The tools don’t need any specialist software. We believe you can solve most day to day problems with paper, pencil and an open mind.
  • The elimination of waste from business processes will increase efficiency, and reduce the lead time for delivery of services and products, at the same time improving the quality.
  • Lean is all about continuous improvement and respect for people. It involves trusting your team to apply the tools and to deliver the solutions to day to day problems, giving leaders more time to set the direction for the business.
  • Lean aims to deliver products and services that are right first time – every time