Oak Fern, LLC

We work in the future and we think you should, too!

We have over a decade of experience in managing and growing successful startups. Our experience includes:

• Operations planning and management with a focus on Lean, Agile, and Scrum systems

• Business systems: auditing, documenting, revising, configuring, designing, and training

• Staff, team, and personnel management

• Management and executive team building, training, and coaching

• Business and executive coaching

• Project planning and management

Oak Fern Consulting was founded in 2014 by two long-time friends with extensive small business experience. We discovered that we work brilliantly together, and we and our clients have benefited ever since. With decades of experience in cloud systems and business management, we bring the future to you. And with our network of exceptional consultants and advisers, we're ready for anything your business needs.


Our Core Team

John Matthews

John Matthews is a strategy and management consultant who has worked with startups and small businesses his entire professional life. He's managed several, owned two, and worked with dozens, and he understands the unique problems faced by business owners. He specializes in strategy, analysis, team leadership, and coaching. In his spare time he has been seen losing at board games, or hiking and camping in the rain.

Sara Siegel

Sara Siegel is a cloud and web virtuoso with over a decade of experience. Her specialty is remote, lightweight management solutions that are tailored to the needs of small businesses. She is also passionate about the art of web development, which allows her to craft solutions for her clients that fit their unique needs. When she is not writing code or reconciling the books, Sara can most likely be found digging in the garden or hiking with her husband and son.

We also maintain an extensive network of exceptional consultants and expert advisers so that we have the right person for every job. We produce exemplary and consistent results for our clients because we combine decades of experience in our areas of expertise and the best research available with our own cloud and automated workflows. In doing so, we deliver the best cloud solutions at a cost that's accessible to every small business.