Mowery & Schoenfeld


Our mission is to help our clients and our team to achieve success. For our clients, we uncover solutions to business and financial challenges using an entrepreneurial, visionary approach. For our team, we support a firm that encourages personal growth and professional development in a comfortable, rewarding environment.


Our vision is to become the business advisory firm of choice for growing companies and professionals by executing an entrepreneurial, results-oriented service approach within every one of our trusted relationships.


Our firm is guided by these core values:

  • One Firm, One Common Goal
    We are individuals with varied backgrounds and interests who come together for one common goal — to provide exceptional client service and enthusiastically support one another.
  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit
    We work with clients continually to improve their businesses.
  • Respect
    We treat each other and our clients with the utmost respect.
  • Appreciation
    We appreciate our fellow team members and our clients every day.
  • Community Involvement
    We believe that active participation and consistent volunteer efforts empower our employees and have a positive impact on both our firm and our community.
  • A Focus on the Future
    We encourage our clients and team to move forward and relentlessly grow and improve.
  • Impact
    Our organization will have a significant, positive, lasting effect on our clients and staff.


Mowery & Schoenfeld is a  full-service public accounting firm with a different. We embrace a proactive approach that enhances value for businesses. We go beyond assesing your company's current performance with services that create a clear picture of your future growth potential - so we can get you on the path to increased profitability.

The Highest Levels of Expertise and Experience

Mowery & Schoenfeld is built on years of experience with large international firms, coupled with an enthusiasm for nurturing relationships with privately held companies. This balance is the basis for a firm committed to unsurpassed service and expert advice.

Because our accounting services are engineered similarly to those of the larger, more expensive CPA firms — and our professionals possess credentials that are second to none — we have the technical training and resources to perform at a very high level. What sets us apart from our larger competitors are our consistent engagement teams, which means that you’ll be working with familiar faces.

When you work with Mowery & Schoenfeld, you benefit from our knowledge, talent, experience, personal service and a level of partner accessibility that you won’t find anywhere else.