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We are proficient across all of the competencies of qualitative research consultants: consulting, conceptualization and design, interviewing, communication, project management, commitment to the profession, content knowledge, research, analysis, professional practices, and business practices.


We are easy to deal with, team players, flexible and well-known within the industry.


These attributes are the hallmark of JRH Marketing Services: consistent, Reliable, knowledgeable, and harf-working.


We have a "been there, done that" confidence, but we never forget that our latest projects is our most important one.



We are the oldest and most experienced african American-owned marketing research and consulting firm in the US. We are full-service firm providing qualitative studies, including focus groups, surveys, polls and a full range of interviewing and facilitating services. Our projects are conducted via telephone, the Internet, In person or by mail.


Welcome to JRH Marketing Services

Our primary objective is to ensure that our clients enjoy the greatest possible advantage in marketing their products and services in an increasingly diverse and competitive world.

We offer a full range of market research methodologies and strategic consulting services, including focus groups, ethnographies, communications checks, brand and strategic consulting, meeting facilitation, and training workshops.

Conducting market research for more than 35 years across a diverse spectrum of demographic and business categories, we have earned the trust of some of the world's largest and most influential corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

The insights JRH Marketing Services provided helped us prepare for and execute a series of focus groups that greatly impressed our clients. The feedback obtained from these groups was exceptionally helpful in adjusting our ad campaign. Bob Harris made the attendees feel at ease and drew valuable contributions from each person.

—Gary Ainsworth, Senior Marketing Manager, Tower Marketing