Matthews, Young - Management Consulting

" I have a better sense of where our company is going and how we are going and how we are going to get there than i have at any other time in my working career. And it is clear to me that Matthews, Young is deserving of much credit for this happy state of mind"

Community Bank CEO

Since our founding in 1971, our Firm has been focused on providing custom solutions to issues of Strategy, Organization, Executive Compensation and Human Resources.

Today, we are expanding our practice areas to include Digital Marketing Strategy & Integration in order to continue helping our hundreds of clients nationwide to successfully navigate the challenges of the modern economy. Our services are industry independent, but we have particular depth in the financial services, health care and other human service industries. Both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations benefit from our expertise. 

We sell no products. So, when you hire us to address an issue, we can be completely objective about the solution.

We are consultant owned and operated. So, we do not have to answer to anyone but our clients.

We only work for one party to a negotiation. For example, we only work for Boards, or their designated Committees, when we advise on Executive Compensation.

Matthews, Young- Management Consulting (MYMC) is a Strategy, Organization, Compensation and Human Resources Consulting firm that works with owners and executives of financial Service and Healthcare institution, Manufacturing and Distribution firms and Cooperative and Not-For-profit organizations.