Dan Mirgon & Associates

For many people, the idea that we can change the outcome of our daily life is a foreign concept.   We let life happen by default and decide that “this is all there is.”    Our legacy becomes one of “average” and “normal” because we get comfortable.    Chasing after “More” or “Success” just seems like too much work.

But what if  –  What if you are really here on earth for more than “This?”    What if:  

God made you for EXCELLENCE

He gave you talents and abilities and a mind and passions and interests and energy.    That must mean that He’s ultimately interested in your Best – not your comfort.    We waste His gifts if we settle for less than we could be.

Now the cool part is that you get to decide what your life looks like (with His help of course).    It really is possible to learn how to be the person God made you to be.

Experienced Ministry Coaching for leaders that need to get to the next level. Focusing on the entire Ministry -leadership -Management -Funding -Marketing