Concinnity Services

When it comes time for a deep dive into a particular discipline, we parnter with some of the best small businesses in the city.

We help owners of mid-sized businesses to see what does and doesn't make a big difference in their firms. From resolving problems to raising the bar, we create accessible programs that can be launched alone or with our help.


Why Concinnity?

You started a businesses and devoted yourself to it because you love the product or service or mission. The beginning is great. You created something out of determination and passion. Then cash flow gets tight. People don't cooperate. Clients and customers get annoyed. Good people leave. Simple tasks are now fraught with confusion or frustration. All the time, energy and money that used to go to the product or service or mission goes to keeping chaos at bay. And you start questioning if there is a better way.

What Does it Take?

All it takes is getting really good at management. And that's why Concinnity is important to business owners and organization leaders. We are management experts who partner with you. We can install the systems and refine the processes and train the staff and control the finances. We can foresee the future and plan for it and make your clients happy and add more to that fan club. We can do it for you so that you can get back to that product, service and mission you love. But, you're still the boss. So, we whisper into your ear the why of what we're doing so that you become smarter as your firm becomes stronger. Even better, we teach you how to see the big picture so that you will always be the perfect guardian for your business. Success is never final. But, you'll always know what you have to do to hit the next success level.


Carolyn Thornlow is the founder of Concinnity Services. She is listed in Who's Who in America, Who's Who of American Women and Who's Who in American Law.

Her book, The ABA Guide to Professional Managers in the Law Office, was an ABA top ten best seller. Her articles, public appearances, and webinars are also popular.
She has advised scores of business owners on how to grow and fortify their firms which has resulted in rousing success for her clients.

Prior to starting Concinnity, Ms. Thornlow was CFO and COO of several prominent NYC law firms.

She graduated 6th in her class with honors in management from Bernard M. Baruch College.
She is a member of Mensa and has held leadership positions at the American Bar Association, The Association of Legal Administrators and The Insitute of Certified Professional Managers, from which she holds certification as a Professional Manager.