Capital Shores Ltd.


Our process at the labachnick Group and Align your talent management goals.

Capital shores is a diversified consultancy company, engaged in investments, financial and non-financial activities which include advisory services designed to help private clients and businesses of all sizes to define and achieve business objective, and maximize return of investments.



Founded in 1984 by Terri Kabachnick, The Kabachnick Group is dedicated to helping companies improve workforce productivity and performance. Our employee engagement and retention solutions help businesses worldwide improve talent management practices ranging from selection, through development, to succession planning. Our solutions and tools have enabled our clients to achieve unprecedented success in finding, engaging, and retaining talented employees.

Our customized solutions are based on making the most of the beliefs, convictions, talents and passions that combine to make up a person’s inner nature. We begin with your organizational and/or individual performance goals, and tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

With more than three decades of experience, our company uses proven processes to design, align, and implement straightforward and cost-effective solutions for your organization.