Brand Strategy Guru

"Simon has a terrific talent for getting to the essence of something, and persevering to cut out all woolly thinking until you are left with the great aha moment.”


Brand Strategy Guru provides expert brand advice for businesses of every size and kind, as well as for charities, public organisations, visitor destinations, and places.

Brand Strategy Guru also provides short brand training courses for boards and staff teams.

Founder and principal, Simon Middleton, author of Build A Brand In 30 Days, is a popular keynote speaker on branding topics and a regular brand commentator in international media.

Brand Strategy Guru's consultancy enables brand owners to examine and understand their brands quickly, effectively and profoundly.

The objective is always to reveal the authentic, compelling and distinctive ‘meaning’ of the brand: as the basis for all branding activity.

Simon Middleton speaks regularly at conferences in the UK and internationally, delivering stimulating and inspiring keynotes on brand topics.