Banner Year Consulting

The goal of Banner Year Consulting is simple: To use our experience, body of knowledge, and skills to help your organization experience its best year ever. Our list of services includes the following:

Strategic planning
Vision, mission, values, and purpose statements
IT governance planning
IT guiding principles development
Organizational development
Business continuity planning
Project planning and management
Communications planning
Business plan creation
Process Improvement

Our founder and owner, Michael A. Evans, has over twenty years of experience in various technology, management and business development roles at companies in the private sector and ten additional years of experience as a self-employed consultant. Since acquiring his MBA, COBIT 4.1, and ITIL 2 & 3 credentials four years ago, he has worked on multiple strategic planning, business planning, business continuity, organizational development, and project management activities for a variety of clients. He launched Banner Year Consulting because he realized his 30+ years of experience combined with two business degrees and a keen interest in the theory and support of business and organizational ecosystems provided him with a unique perspective and skill set to help a wide range of entities serve their customers more effectively. We look forward to helping you make every year a banner year for your organization!

Peter Drucker famously stated that the best way to predict the future is to create it. While no one can know or accurately predict the future, those with a proactive approach, determination to succeed, an eye for opportunity and the appropriate resources can increase their chances for success and their ability to weather the uncertainties that lie ahead. At Banner Year Consulting, we are committed to using our skills and expertise to help you create the best possible future for your organization. 

You may be seeking assistance with creating a strategic plan for the next five years. Maybe you want to put together a business plan but aren't certain how to get started and tell your story in a compelling way. Perhaps you want to come up with a vision, mission, values or purpose statement (or all of the above) but aren't certain about the differences among these statements or how to put the words to work to empower your entire organization. Maybe you require assistance with managing a project or improving a mission-critical process. We can help with all of these challenges and more.