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Building a business that really works for are clients requires leadership team that works exceptionally well. Our executive team is formed of well-established, proven leaders in Professional Services and information Security Practices who are united by their total commitment to the quality of what we deliver for are costumers. A team I am very proud of one you can trust completely.Mike Loginov CEO

Ascot Barclay offer Change & Transformation Programme and Project staff on a contract basis. Architecting and leading change and transformations programmes often at a national level or large assignments linked to strategic objectives. Systems thinking, Prince 2, ITIL, NLP and our own Active Business Change Frameworks are combined to provide controlled and constructive outcomes to important change and transformation initiatives. We provide 'C Level' executive practitioners, skilled in assisting CEO's and captains of industry in the delivery of discreet pieces of work where a 'behind the scenes' executive thinker and implementation expert is needed to ensure issues are fixed or workarounds agreed before they become public. Ascot Barclay are UK based with international experience in delivering programmes at a National and Global level for organisations of all sizes. A small company totally focused and passionate about implementing change - It�s their core reason for being and are


Through TIGER EYE the CISO can see the real time posture clearly with a settings and control overlay that allows him or her to focus on leading the business to a securer place as opposed to gathering data / chasing for updates.


MONITOR – See the security posture clearly
MEASURE – Baseline today and control improvements through accurate measurement
MANAGE – Best in class leadership capabilities to complement the CISO office.
MITIGATE – Seven theme risk mitigation
MAINTAIN – Virtual or aaS on-going executive oversight.


a 7 step process to harden you business to attack. Defining policy, identifying gaps and monitoring the companies steps to a hacker hardened environment and ensuring this is maintained in an ever changing landscapes