Art Advice Corporate Art Consultants LLC

  • We walk through your home and help to determine the best placements for artwork; taking into account lighting, architecture, sizes of pieces required, and most importantly, color

Art Advice Corporate Art Consultants LLC

Art is personal, art is tangible. It has color, it has texture, it must be seen and felt - both physically and intellectually. Art needs to be discussed. Debated. Experienced.

That's where Art Advice comes in. We meet with you at your office. We walk your existing space, review your floor plans, help you establish a budget and discuss the artwork options available. Then we physically bring the art to you. We hold the painting over the couch in reception, we place the piece of sculpture on the credenza in the CEO's office, we position the tapestry against the empty wall in the conference room.

We work to make the art fit in the space and the company. We help you choose the appropriate matting and framing. We supervise the framer to be sure that the final work of art is perfect. We supervise the installation to be sure that the final space is perfect.

We take pride in the finished space and our satisfied client.