4 Free Marketing Tools For Businesses

The only thing better than getting your hands on a great marketing tool is when you get one that’s completely free. The following is a list of 4 small business marketing tools that are completely free.


Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Have you ever found yourself drawing a blank when attempting to think of something for your next blog, free guide, or article post? If that sounds like you then you’ll love Portent’s Content Idea Generator. All you need to do is provide the tool with a subject and it will give you different angles on the subject as a headline.

So if you were to load up the site and give it the subject of “small business marketing” it would provide you with ideas such as “Top Ten Small Business Marketing YouTube Videos”. It doesn’t always get it right but it will help you a lot with the creative process.

It can be found here.


Hemingway App

The Hemingway writing app helps you keep things simple. It takes your sales copy and gives it some more impact, while making it easier to understand for offline and online prospects. Hemingway works by analysing the content and color-coding it to alert you about problems such as long, complex sentences, adverbs, and the use of passive voice.

This is such an important tool because, as every good marketer knows, you need to keep the message clean and simple so that it cuts straight to the listener. Simplifying your message makes it more likely to resonate with the people reading it.

Hemingway can be found here.


Pablo by Buffer

When it comes to social media, do you struggle to find the right images to go alongside your content? You never need to worry about that again thanks to Buffer. This tool makes it much easier and faster to create social media images.

Buffer contains over 600,000 free images, along with photo effects, text, and other tools to scale the photo for every social network. It’s got everything you need in a much simpler and lighter package than a program such as Photoshop.

Pablo by Buffer can be found here.


Open Site Explorer

An important step in search engine optimization is to have a lot of links. With Open Site Explorer you can enter a URL and instantly receive a list of all the inbound links for that page. That is to say; all the pages that link to yours. It also provides a report for each inbound link telling you the page and rank authority for the site. These are important because search engines such as Google favor websites that have high authority sites linking to them.

Open Site Explorer can also be used to take a peek at how your competitors are doing. Do they have links from high quality websites? Could you contact these sites and have them link to you as well? Perhaps you could submit content for them? Either way it helps remove their advantage while boosting your own efforts.

Open Site Explorer can be found here.

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