Phrases such as “ buy two and get one free”, “free vacation for purchases over $1,000,”  are often used get people’s attention online.

If you are beginning to freelance,  your site or startup you typically don’t possess a huge bucket of cash to throw at marketing. After buying a pricey list from a database marketing company you did something just like a letter box drop, a direct mail or you hired a telemarketing company to annoy them and to call people.

In the marketing world that is digital it commencing a digital marketing effort which uses keywords and phrases that folks would use to get your product or service when it could also be Facebook advertising and target demographic and could be purchasing Google Adwords. The cash pit isn’t a bottomless pile of gold coins produced by the golden goose. You must get clever and informed and locate zero price or low-cost alternatives or otherwise begin robbing banks.

So just How do You Get Free Traffic or Leads? (Tip: Consulting and Freelance pros can register at for free)

And that means work out strategies to get free traffic that you can convert to leads and sales and you have to be clever.

The three digital advertising strategies that could pay off and drive free traffic include the all important “unique” content that is the foundation component that lifts your search results and accelerates and eases the sharing, search and also social.


1. Search is Changing

There are two ways people find your site or website when searching online. These are earned through optimizing your site and site for search engines.

Five years ago Search Engine Optimization advisers were all the rage. They were hired by you and put them in a dark room and soon your site was ranking on the primary page of Google. It was like magic. They were doing things like buying links, setting up domains with all the keywords in the URL that were significant on your organization and also other approaches that gamed the search system, in the event, you dug a little deeper.

But Google has begun changing the rules. Strange sounding upgrades for Google that contain the words “Panda” and “Penguin” are code words for “watch your website is going to drop from page one to page out ten”

Such a Search Engine Optimization didn’t require creating excellent unique content the net wants and adores but only included playing the SEO game.

With Google putting a major emphasis on societal and content signs, for example, enjoys Retweets, shares and the Google Plus one platform 1’s the search game is transforming.

It’s not about gaming currently adding real value through the regular publishing of content to the net that individuals like to share, link to and embed.

2. Google’s upgrades have made content marketing the hottest trend since “planking”.

Create, publish and promote excellent content and Google (read search engines) will begin to adore you. That content can be a blog post a YouTube video or a display that is Slideshare or any type of multimedia content. ECommerce shops are hiring magazine editors to direct the creation of content which is visual, viral and valued by readers and viewers.

A word of warning here. Google does not like duplicate content (it has new means of detecting that) so just copying and pasting someone else’s content into your website or site is frowned upon. It requires being exceptional.

The challenge is to make the content so enticing that it will be shared by people with family, their friends, and co-workers. This does require some thought, ability, and imagination.

Content using a captivating picture or a great headline will be shared considerably more when compared to a dull bit of poorly written text on Facebook or Twitter. Then create that for your customers that’s tempting and relevant and you need to consider what sort of content captures your focus.

3. Social Sharing is the Turbo Charger for Content

Societal quickens the discovery of your articles. Prior to the rise of social internet content was locked up in hard disks, filing cabinets and printed offline articles. Sharing online was restricted to sending an attachment via electronic mail. As it absolutely was private, its spread was limited by this.

It requires being assembled for sharing.

Google is embedding and has created Google to measure these societal signals of sharing and weaving societal into search results.

Content that’s shared on channels that are societal is the new Search Engine Optimization.

Bottom line, breaking into the freelance marketplace is tough and requires a lot of time.  However, if you post your information that is useful to others, it will lead to business for you in future.